Dry Needling Needles

These needles are designed specifically for the practice of dry needling, and it’s easier to use than traditional acupuncture needles. The DN needles feature larger and stiffer handles, which make manipulation of the needles much easier. The needles are smoother to insert and minimize tissue damage, while optimizing patient comfort.

Made in collaboration with Jan Dommerholt, Orlando Mayoral and Johnson McEvoy

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Needle Characterisics

Headless Needle, thicker and stiffer handle for more precision while puncturing and improved handling/ control during the process.

High strength Surgical Stainless steel (17:4):
Provides greater strength to the needle, greater acuity and improves maintenance during multiple insertions.

Triple silicon lubricant coating and triple polishing process which maintains lubrication during the process keeping the needle painless and removes the surface irregularities.

Special conical sharpening for dry needling that improves the needle penetration and handling

Needle Sizes

Reference Size Example of use*
A1037BP 0.16x25mm Small upper fibers trapezius
A1037P 0.25x13mm Deltoid, masseter
A1038P 0.25x25mm Trapezis, biceps, SCM
A1042P 0.25x40mm N/A
A1040P 0.30x40mm Gluteus medius
A1041P 0.32x40mm N/A
A1042BP 0.30x50mm QL, Soleus
A1042CP 0.30x60mm N/A
A1010P 0.30x75mm Piriformis

From now the APS Dry Needling needles have been differentiated in different coloring tips for better identification while working.

*these are only examples, anatomy may vary a lot in consideration of body composition.